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Academic Year 2020-2021 Industry Engineering and Management Alumni Scholarship

The alumni scholarship aims to help students with financial need.

  • Eligible applicant: enrolled undergraduate students and graduate students (daytime).

  • Scholarship quota: several

  • Scholarship amount: the amount will be decided according to the applicant’s financial situation after the applicant is interviewed.

  • Priority for the scholarship application

  1. Parents suffer from long-term illness or involuntary unemployment.

  2. Officially verified Low income household.

  3. Parents with physical or mental disabilities.

  4. Parents are deceased; or the applicant is raised by grandparents or a single parent alone.

  5. Other special reasons

  • Application period: from now to March 19, 2021

  • Required documents:

- Application form (https://iem.ntut.edu.tw/var/file/81/1081/img/675/741423520.pdf)

- Mentor’s recommendation letter with the mentor’s signature

The applicant must submit the required application documents to the Department Office by the deadline for the scholarship committee to verify.           

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