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Ph.D. Program

  • Ph.D. program

The available research fields include Production/Operations management, operations research, information technology and human factors. Through the advanced program, the graduates are supposed to be able to analyze related problems with industrial engineering and management and seek the solutions to the problems with knowledge learned. The program focuses on the advanced industrial engineering and management education for nurturing highly qualified management talents to meet the demand of industrial development. Besides, the program also lays stress on intellectual training for nurturing students with global views, social responsibility, and professional knowledge as well as skills, who will pioneer in the field of industrial engineering and management in Asia.


Ph.D. students can take graduate-level courses, provided that they obtain permissions from the instructors first. Moreover, students can enroll in courses offered by other departments of the University. It usually takes four years to earn a Ph.D's degree. For a list of courses offed by the Department of Industrial Engineering, please see:


A summer internship is required for students enrolled in the Industrial Engineering and Management program. This usually takes place in the summer before the senior year. The summer internship is a great opportunity to get crucial work experience and to develop job contacts of potential employers.