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To meet the growing needs for intermediate industrial professionals, the Department makes an effort to nurture professionals who possess global views, teamwork spirit, genuineness, sincerity, excelsior, diligence and what’s more, are able to put the theory of three general industrial engineering fields—“Manufacturing/Operations and Supply Chain”, “E-industry and Information Application”, “Management Science and Decision”—into practice. Through all the efforts made, the Department aims to help with industrial upgrade and national development. The goal is to nurture students with the abilities shown below.

  1. Be able to solve industrial problems by applying knowledge and skills learned in the fields of industrial engineering and management and information technology.
  2. Be able to analyze systems and make plans.
  3. Be able to integrate systems and possess good coordinating and communication skills.
  4. Possess both humanity and professional ethics. 
  5. Be able to use foreign languages to well communicate with people and write professional reports.
  6. Possess the ability to fulfill projects by oneself or teamwork.
  7. Be able to conduct R&D through applying knowledge learned.
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