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M.S. Program

  • M.S. program(Master's Degree Program)

To meet the growing needs for intermediate industrial professionals, the Department makes an effort to nurture professionals who possess global views, teamwork spirit, genuineness, sincerity, excelsior, diligence and what’s more, are able to put the theory of three general management fields—“Manufacturing/Operations and Supply Chain”, “E-industry and Information Application”, “Management Science and Decision”—into practice. Through all the efforts made, the Department aims to help with industrial upgrade and national development. Following the national policy and keeping track of the developing trend of technology and industry, the Department also aims to nurture professionals to help companies to boost their global competitiveness in industry. To reach the above goals, the Department would like to nurture students with both virtue and the abilities below.

  1. Be able to solve professional problems by well applying the knowledge and skills of industrial engineering and management.
  2. Be able to apply quantitative analysis to make the best use of resources.
  3. Be able to use modern information technology and 3C equipment to boost the performance of management and work.
  4. Be able to collect, analyze data and apply the analyzed data.
  5. Possess teamwork spirit, and be able to well communicate and coordinate with people.


M.S. students can take graduate-level courses, provided that they obtain permissions from the instructors first. Moreover, students can enroll in courses offered by other departments of the University. It usually takes four years to earn a Master's degree. For a list of courses offed by the Department of Industrial Engineering, please see:


A summer internship is required for students enrolled in the Industrial Engineering and Management program. This usually takes place in the summer before the senior year. The summer internship is a great opportunity to get crucial work experience and to develop job contacts of potential employers.