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Development & Prospects

The educational goal of the University is to Keep track of the developing trend of technology and industry, and nurture diligent, independent talents with professional knowledge and virtue. Based on the goal and the University motto Genuineness, Sincerity, Excelsior, Diligence, the Department launched its management feature, keeping pace with the industrial technology development and laying stress on promoting industry-academic cooperation; it aims to nurture professionals in industrial management through researches and education. The following states two primary methods to reach the goal in the coming future. 

Effective teaching and learning

The Department betters its curriculum programs and courses through incorporating theory with practical case study and coop programs. Students with professional knowledge and practical skills will meet the needs of industry. The teaching evaluation is conducted each semester as a reference for instructors to realize students learning.  


Effective teaching and learning

Based on future local industrial features, the Department makes efforts in how to put the theory of industrial engineering and management into practice in industry circles. Therefore, the faculty is encouraged to acquire new information and skills through attending various academic seminars or workshops held by the private companies or the Government.   




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